We don’t have a name or leader. ✨

✅ Anyone who wants to recover from the harm caused by the Heralds is one of us.
We unmask 🎭 the Heralds of the Gospel to civil 👨🏻‍⚖👩🏻‍⚖, ecclesiastical ⛪ and the public at large 📰 📺 to stop the abuse they perpetuate.

💗 We are here to help those who want to escape or have already left🙏🏻

  ❤ Welcome! Former Heralds from around the world are here to help you. You are important to us and we want the best you. 👍🏻 Here is some advice:

🚑🏥👨‍⚕👩‍⚕ Take care of yourself, physically and mentally! You belong. You have value. You have qualities. You have a bright future 🔆, with love 💖 and success 🏆, in life after the Heralds.

😇 You will not be punished by God for leaving the Group. The concept of an imminent​”bagarre” is just manipulation. Inside the Heralds you were under immense peer pressure and spiritual blackmail and the trauma from this may yet take time to become apparent. Your health (physical and mental), your relationship with your family, the real world and society was affected – but it will be alright, you have already overcome the mostdifficult part: leaving the group! 🎊🎉

Change your passwords. 👀 You had no privacy in the Group. Your whole life, your conversations and correspondence and especially your online activities were all monitored. Only now will you finally enjoy privacy, respect and private property. 🔐

Do not compromise! The Heralds may seek you out to buy your silence about their internal truths and abuses. They can use threats, offer a job, money, or even arrange a marriage to buy your silence. 🤐 You are a free person, don’t do anything they ask! And for heaven’s sake, record these conversations! Take note of who, when, what was said. It’s is unethical for them to Interference with you, a witness. This is coercion and you don’t deserve to go through this.

🚨 Keep everything you have left over from the Heralds (books, photos, letters, “relics”). Do not burn or throw anything out. All of this is evidence of a crime – a crime against you, your freedom and dignity – and could be helpful in the future. If you cannot stand anything from the Heralds still around, ask another ex Herald to save these things for you.

 🐌 Don’t hurry . Take all the time you need before making big decisions in life. 🕰 Time will help get rid of fears, scruples and superstitions you may still have. You will gradually understand that reality is not consistent with what is taught inside the Group and you’ll soon acquire healthy and down-to-earth perception of things. Slow down, everyone has their own pace and now you are free to think! Think about your choices, your decisions. What will you do about your spirituality, personal life, and your relationships. You will not automatically becomea “fassur” or “fassura”. Socializing with the opposite sex is healthy and normal. Get to know people and be smart about it.

💘 Love yourself! You are not “a little worm and miserable sinner” – you have the makings of someone great, who is bursting with joy, health, love and goodness. Take care of yourself, study, wear clothes that represent your personality, go to places that show new horizons, like theaters and parks. Try new things, you will no longer be judged for it!

😎Fear not! No need to hide or forget your time in the Heralds. You are a victim and have just overcome a major obstacle, you can leverage this experience.

🌝Be happy and confident, this is the most important of all. Enjoy your life outside the Group. Remember that God loves you inside and out, perhaps even especially after you leave. 🌻

🗣Don’t forget If you feel the need to talk to someone you can count on us, other ex Heralds. There are many of us wanting to help you succeed. You will not be exposed or, much less, be judged.

🌎 Your world may seem to be crumbling and seem scary, but you will get through it and come out stronger. It’s not easy, but you’ll get through it.

  ✨ There is a promising life awaiting you ☀. Don’t give up, it’s not too late! Seek out others who can support and help, find support in your family. They missed you. Get help to study or work.

🌤 The important thing is that you get through this difficult and troubled moment, can * move on with your life, be confident and your conscious will be at peace . 👩🏻🧑🏽👨🏻‍🦲👨🏻‍🦱👩🏻‍🦰❤