We got our kids back home from the  Heralds because we were betrayed. We  thought that the photos of John Paul II with John Clá served to entrust our children to the Heralds.

But when  we discover the truth and get them out of there, we are the MALEDICTOS, mortal enemies and even mentioned in Mass with a curse against us.

Are we the MALEDICTOS because we have reduced the contingent of soldiers in their army? Or perhaps because we diminished  the source of income that our children would leave with them forever in prison, hypnotized by fear? Or maybe our kids would be lucky enough and become ill  one day to be finally discarded at once.

We, the “maledictos”, use this blog to shout to other parents about the danger of leaving their children with them.
We have the courage to speak the truth and  have no fear or whatsover. We receive attacks to make us feel intimidadted. But nothing Will stop us because Jesus is with the truth.

Our strength? Prayer!!!

We are few mothers who pray a 40-day vigil.

But the leader of our group is Our Mother, The Mother of Heaven !!! It is She,the one who is in every action of these “MALEDICTOS”. Many graces have  already been received !!!

More and more parents have been taking away their children;
Schools  have banned them from entering;
Children have been telling everything they hide from us;
More than 40 reports in the Public Ministry;
Ex memhers returning to consciousness and redoing their lives;
Compared to the many betrayed families still associated with the Heralds, we know that this Group is nothing…. But why can the “MALEDICTOS”, small group of brave parents bother so much?! Why do we manage to challenge the powerful Heralds of the Gospel without fear? Remember David and Goliath ?? The  MALEDICTOS follow in this cause, confident, very blessed with the protection of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, knowing that there is no curse that the Mother of heaven does not break.

Bless us, Mother, against every spell and break every curse cast upon us and our children. And also deliver all our enemies from all evil with the power of the most precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, which we celebrate now in July. Amen.