Many wonder why no action has been taken up till now  to prevent abuses committed within the Heralds of the gospel.

The fact is that parents and families have been silent for all these years because they do not know who to turn to, out of fear. Everyone knows that the Heralds of the Gospel are manipulative and exert a great power of intimidation.

It takes COURAGE .However, when you have the truth, the little ones become big, the few become many, the fear disappears, the desire for justice becomes greater than everything.

It is not fair to allow children to be continuosly subjected to the delusions of John Scognamiglio Clá Dias.

The truth about the Heralds of the Gospel:

They attract children to this sect;

They take the children away from their parents, from the family, from the world;

They brainwash;

Destroy the identity of children;

Insert destructive and proper principles of this sect.

The reports confirm the abuses.

The Heralds lie  about their real goals and  play the roles that are necessary to attract faithful followers. They play the role of a catholic entity, of a college that offers  international  standards , so that the parents feel safe about  delivering their children. But within the castles the truth is different, they induce the vocation in the children from very beginning.GIRLS make promises of chastity and they give themselves like scapegoat, they all suffer bullying, and they move away from their  parentes home, not for religious reaqsons but for  FEAR.

Children are subjected to high levels of stress. Yes, because  the child is told if he goes to his parents’ house he will be dumb, he will go to hell. Parents find it difficult to communicate with their children or obtain information.

Attempts to intimidate and silence the victims are cruel and cowardly, in addition to all the disturbance caused in the period of the person’s control over the institution. After leaving, they begin to blame the family and former members.

At the beginning of the recruitment families are pressured to let their children participate and  phrases such as:

“Better to be here than on drugs”,

“He is a chosen one”

“He has chosen  it, so his choice needs to be respected”

are repeated massively causing coercion and inducing families to question nothing at all or will be regarded as ungrateful. If the family happens to discover  the truth  in time, or if the recruited  asks for help, the blame process begins. They put families and former members as lousy people in an attempt not to allow other families to make contact and have access to the TRUTH.

Videos showed João Clá practicing “exorcisms”, in a clear demonstration of physical and psychological abuse.

Another point that deserves attention in the episode of “exorcisms” is that the so-called “possessions” (people possessed by the devil) only happened with girls, fact confirmed by ex-members.

In addition to physical and psychological abuse, the relationship between domination and unequal power between genders is clear.

These are issues that must be analyzed by the Vatican and the authorities.

Investigations are NOT closed, processes are NOT archived! Many people already talk about this, there are groups of ex-members scattered on social networks sharing daily experiences of the abuses they have suffered. Many victims have a blank  to denounce, perhaps for fear of reprisal, perhaps because they feel that impunity will prevail, shame or perhaps decide  to get rid of the problem by  starting a new life again.

This restart is so difficult! This is another point that brings great concern, since the college does not prepare children for a college entrance examination. Adults have difficulty adapting to the job market and interpersonal and family relationships are the biggest challenge in this NEW LIFE. The Heralds should prepare people for this resumption, assuming that ROTATIVITY is another characteristic of the group.

We do not know everything that happens within the Heralds of the Gospel, but the reports  and evidences   lead us to conclude that it is a manipulative sect with destructive principles whose purpose is the recruitment of children to make them SLAVES OF JOHN CLA .

To worship PLÍNIO, LUCÍLIA AND JOÃO CLÁ  would not be a big problem …if it  was not hidden! So that whoever wishes to follow this doctrine, would do it outside the catholic church.