Often victims of abuse do not report to authorities for fear of being considered liars or even of having  a close relationship with their abusers. It is an extremely painful time to relive everything that happened, to tell in detail what you would like to be forgotten and how often it is. Several victims can only recall these facts after therapy sessions or with great effort and whenever this matter is addressed again, it  causes great pain.

BUT IT IS NECESSARY THAT THE ABUSER IS  RESPONSIBLE  FOR HIS/HER ACT. Authorities need to be aware to take appropriate action to prevent further casualties. Even if some time has passed, it is very important to report it.

According to Law No. 12.650 / 2012 of the Penal Code, the counting of the period of prescription against sexual dignity practiced against the child and adolescent, only begins from the date on which the victim turns 18, if the Public Prosecution Service does not have before criminal action against the aggressor. Thus, victims have up to 20 years after the commission of the crimes to denounce the perpetrator. For example, a child suffers abuse at the age of 9 will be up to the age of 38 to report the abuser.

Recently, Pope Francis has encouraged  that religious denounce abuses. He made clear the need to welcome the victims and not let fear control people.



Who should we look for ????

Dial 100 is a channel where the accusation  can be made anonymously or identified;

The numbers of the CIVIL AND MILITARY POLICE ARE respectively:



His Eminence Cardinal Dom João Braz de Aviz: Through the e-mail:


And through our field of contact, we can help you to ensure that these crimes do not go unpunished!