The Heralds’ past is often unknown. They are said to have been founded in the early 1970s and recognized by the Church in 2001. Presenting this way, there are 30 years of past history in silence.

The Heralds come from the TFP, a movement of Catholic inspiration that never sought canonical recognition. The TFP had managed to open some groups in different countries of the world, groups that were always very reduced outside Latin America.

Thus, in France, in 1977, the TFP had opened a school, école St-Benoit, 300 km south of Paris. The school was small, with about 30 students. It was near the town of Châteauroux. It was an internship type, where the students lived.

The parents of families, conservative Catholics, wanted to give a good education and religious formation to their children.

But little by little, they realized that their children had changed their behavior. Soon the parents complained, as did some teachers and a priest. A long judicial battle ensued that was lost by the TFP in 1982.

The court of Châteauroux came to the conclusion that the school was “a center of indoctrination and recruitment.” The court also stated that … “the staff of the boarding school, composed mostly of Brazilians, exercised on the young students a type of psychological action that made the students pass their studies in the background in order to become militants of a certain foreign organization. ” (25 August 1982)

The complaints against the French TFP were as follows:

Being a sect;

Parental alienation;

The use of habit;

The cult of Plinio and his mother;

Travel to Brazil;

FMR (Source of my revolution) expression used for FAMILY;

Have an internal language;

Psychological pressure on students;

Apocalyptic mission of TFP.

A study of 70 pages against the TFP entitled “Tradition, Famille, Propriété, secte or pas secte?” Published in the conservative Catholic circles of France has been published.

Thus in this study one can read: … “the future militant is going in the headquarters of the TFP in an increasingly frequent way and this distances him from his family and from his natural environment in which he had all his relations” …

… “Those responsible for the TFP urge students to judge their parents little by little, their families, in terms of Revolution and Contra Revolution” …

Thus, it seems that history repeats itself 40 years later in Brazilian schools whose philosophy is the same: to recruit young people to make them warriors, monks and slaves.