Like in TFP, members of the Gospel Heralds continue to use the” FMR” expression to refer to their families.

Needless to say, almost all charges against the group (whether TFP and now Gospel Heralds) contained reference to the use of the word FMR. This is easily seen by reading the rebuttals written by Plínio Correa de Oliveira available on the internet.

In almost every book, he tries to devalue the accusers by analyzing their psychological profile. He minimizes the charges and does not acknowledge any mistakes in the association he founded.

This is a feature of Plinio’s refutations. No way does he admit any mistake  or criticism. On the contrary, he wants to destroy the reputation of the accuser and writes a long refutation to justify the customs within his group. A very evangelical attitude.

Speaking specifically of the word FMR, Plínio mentions that this expression would have been used by young TFP members as a joke and that the TFP leadership would have recommended not to use it anymore.

You can see that this recommendation never existed. It was put into rebuttals for the public, but inside the group nothing has changed.

And the Heralds continue to use the term FMR.

What does she mean? FMR, source of my revolution. Language difficult to understand.

In one of Plinio’s books, he defends the view that the modern world would be the fruit of a process of decadence since the Middle Ages. Today’s world would be revolutionary. This process would have begun in the Middle Ages after a sin called by him of sin of revolution.

Like the original sin mentioned in Genesis, another sin would have been committed in the early Middle Ages, the sin of Revolution, of which Plinio would have been exempt along with his mother (Lucilia). As the modern world is immersed in the Revolution, the FAMILIES would be the source of the sin of Revolution of their sons and daughters, for the bad habits and customs of the members come from their childhood in the family.

To fight the Revolution, Plinio wants to establish a Counter-Revolution throughout the world. The Contra Revolution wants to reestablish a social order that existed only in the Middle Ages. Therefore, the “eremo” ,THEIR HOUSE, was  created to imitate   Plinio`s habits and customs against Plínio’s revolutionaries.

Thus, families are sources of Revolution (FMR).

According to the guidance of the Heralds, it takes the minimum of contact to avoid falling into the bad habits of childhood and youth.

FMR, another group invention to alienate young people from their families.