Apartheid, separation, racial segregation that dominated South Africa between the 40s and 90s; pure racism where individuals are judged by their skin color and are considered to be “inferior” or “superior”, depending on the amount of melanin that tone their skin.

Nowadays, featuring people by the simple skin tone, seems absurd, especially in religious movements that preach evangelical charity, however, racial segregation is something common within the walls of the Heralds of the Gospel. The new “prophet of the Kingdom of Mary” – João Clá – according to himself, is able to discern the vocation of the people who consult him. He is the only one who  possesses these special lights that Divine Providence throughout history has graced innumerable saints. This category framed by João Clá himself as belonging to the ranks of saints who populate Heaven. But let me leave aside the religious aspect and better  focus on the characterization of people, and the “vocation” that each one has within the institution.

Following the pattern of the much-talked-about Harry Poter, the Gospel Heralds also have a “selector hat,” which magically determines the function / vocation of the entrants.What is interesting to notice  is that this “hat” refers to the simpler functions of thirst as maintenance, cooking, cleaning the members of less affluent families and usually dark skin. Whoever has lived with the “intendants” (sisters responsible for all the inferior works), must have perceived a similarity between them … So draw your own conclusions!

It is still possible to note that the same “selector hat” designates the light-skinned, slender, rosy-faced, affable smile for his close acquaintance, a very interesting fact!

I mention here what I heard from the lips of one of the institution ‘s sisters: “The apostolate in Africa was started only to undo the mafia that the Heralds do not like blacks!” And internally these members began to be called: ANTI – MAFIA .

I leave these reflections to all who have contact with this sect and reflect whether this separation is correct and desired. I also leave a warning: whoever is a little more “dark”, if you want to enter the Heralds of the Gospel, you will certainly end up as a maid, without spiritual deepening, living in the kitchen and killing herself to clean toilettes.

I also warn you not to be deceived by the appearance of “charity” that they seek to show. Superiors are like the heads of Apartheid, who judge all others according to their skin tone, their physical features and their origin.