The days at the TFP and later at the Heralds revolved around meetings for all its members. However,other meetings were held for select groups to address specific issues. The general meetings aimed at maintaining the uniqueness of the institution’s thinking, so we had the so-called “The saint of the Day” meetings on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and the gathering of clippings on Saturdays, all presided over by Plinio. But it was on Sundays that João Clá exerted his influence on the members of the institutions in the concurred meeting called Jour le Jour (day to day), which had the objective, as the name reveals, to comment on Plinio’s daily life during the week that was over.

Joao Cla, with his gift of rhetoric (manipulation) led everyone at his own pleasure, leading everyone to an exacerbated worship of the “founder” Plinio and indirectly to himself. One of the most emblematic jour le Jour was June 13, 1999, four years after Plinio’s death. On that day João Clá declared changes that would take the Heralds to new heights, a rupture of Plinio’s central thought, or to show everyone outside, especially the Catholic Church, a new guideline for the institution. It was a cold autumn day, but the sun was shining. John proclaimed the “Operation Judith.”

For those who do not know the character, Judith, a biblical woman, was a beautiful widow, who joins the enemy army and manages to seduce her commander. At a party he gets drunk and Judith takes advantage of the situation and decapitates him. João Clá, after the death of Plinio and the confiscation of the entity, has the desire to expand, the unbridled desire to become the sovereign king of his principality in the mountains. Keeping the TFP line of action, he knows he could not do it. Plinio has always fought against progressivism within the Church, does not accept the “New Mass” and was a veiled enemy of the bishops. John then has the brilliant biblical idea, become a Judith, join the enemy … then we know his intentions … and then proclaim himself Pope of the church. Madness? The situation is very crazy.

In recent revelations made by Vaticanist Andrea Tornielli we are amazed that the plan is real and that the goals are clear.