St. Francis’ parents are against his vocation.But,in  the end they are converted and the family is united through  faith.

In the Heralds of the Gospel world it is quite the contrary. Children’s parents  are totally in favor of the vocation. But in the end, when they discover the lie of the Plinian cult, families are divided. Children turn their backs to  their parents to follow the fable created by John Cla.

The Heralds of the gospel like stories of saints to justify their false doctrine. So, they choose the saints who can help assemble a mosaic to convey the message that suits them to tell the child. They do not choose any saint.It must be a saint that will support the idea that parents are an obstacle to their vocation. They even lie to convince children about it.

In the case of St. Francis, for example, the story used internally is all distorted to suggest that he abandoned his rich life, thwarted his parents and even abandoned them to fulfill his mission, his vocation. But the true story is that St. Francis was a young man, not a child, who decides to drop his fortune against his parents’ will and in the face of this situation, the father decides to arrest Saint Francis in histórica own house. San Francisco, despite being anexo adult, humbly is subject to arrest and later still manages to prove the father about his faith and manages to convert both father and mother. A beautiful story of family conversion, of family union for the sake of truth and faith. But in the Heralds, the story is quite different.

Parents, unlike the parents of San Francisco, approve the vocation of their children, who are children, unlike San Francisco who was an adult. Children are encouraged to despise  the family,the same family who consented to their entry and their “vocation.” The child in there gradually learns that the family is an obstacle to their salvation and the only true salvation is João Cla,the founder of the Harolds of the gospel.And when the father discovers the lie that is told internally, many times the brainwashing has already been done and many do not even trust the parents any more. Lie ends in a lie and the lie generates separation, division between parents and children, which is actually planted by the Heralds of the Gospel. Parents who manage to rescue their children must be sure that they are saving them! When children  are back home, parents have the opportunity to repair this lie. It takes a lot of  patience, love and time for children to  regain their parents’ trust  and finally live together.