A piece of advice to you that is the mother or father of a child who is in the Heralds of the Gospel.

If after reading these testemonies or seeing  the videos of  “exorcisms”,  talking  with former members,  you do not doubt the gravity of the situation,the first attitude that you have the obligation to take if your child is luckily under 18 is: get your car right now,  enter  that fortress and rescue your child  from there. You do not owe explanations to any of those who are still there, for they are all victims of mental manipulation, in other words, of mind control. And this theme is more serious than you can imagine and has  extensive literature.

After you remove your child from that distant psychological dungeon, you will have another mission:

.to give your child the reasons, and to show him/her  that life is something much more beautiful by bringing him/her closer to friends and family. Of course, hoping that the child has a healthy environment at home. Otherwise, the long process of mental deprogramming will be much more difficult.

Do not think the Heralds will leave your child alone. They will have “internal friends” call your son or daughter; will forge “accidental encounters” on the street, so they can reach again the sectarian personality already in your child’s mind. Be careful. Change your phone number, cut off all communication. Your mission is not to convert those who are there, but to save the person you love the most: your child. It takes only a frequentar hours for a human to have the mind invaded, to have the personality stolen.As simple as that. And, with days and years, this robbery only deepens, resulting in the strengthening of another personality (the sectarian) who, gradually, takes control and creates an invisible psychological prison.

There are survivors of sects, former members, who, after years out of the sect, still find themselves with psychological nodes, results of the forced programs that they suffered; in other words, they are still prisoners. There is so much to do. Do not take things for granted. Offer, at the right time, a therapy for your child. Lastly, do not blame yourself, mother or father!!!. You were also the victim of a manipulative situation by allowing your child to go.

The Roman Catholic Church has several manipulator groups with a pontifical seal. The Heralds are just one more of them. It shocks us that the hierarchy does nothing, but, it is a fact: hierarchy does nothing and, worse, approve, formalize these organizations. The most logical answer is financial.  Finally, let the ecclesiastics be judged by their works. And you, mom or dad, run. Do not waste another minute. Act like a mother I met these days: she took the car, invaded the Heralds’ dungeon in São Paulo and literally ripped off her minor child from that house. And today, her son, is already at home and returning to life. And, mind you, not without the attacks of the Heralds who send the “inner friends” to call her house. Your child is your mission before the true God. These groups that use the structure of the Catholic Church, which use the name of God and of Our Lady, etc., will one day be judged by their works of darkness.