The prayers intentions of the girls, guided by the superiors, always revolved around Monsignor João Clá, for his  cure, for their total surrender to him, for the slavery they all wanted, so that they could be entirely his and  change minds with him. He is the model of holiness for all. It is the model of life, model of opinion, of criticism, that is, everything is based on him, his opinions, his thoughts. And what can be perceived in the intentions is the lack of the name of Jesus. The figure of Jesus is replaced by the figure of Monsignor, because the model of life and holiness is not Jesus, it is Monsignor. The model to follow is Monsignor. Another very strong point is also that one prays for the total destruction of all the enemies of the Heralds, that is, of the enemies of Joao Cla.
You may realize that the Bagarre is something so requested inside, that they do not ask, for example, for the conversion of sinners, for people to turn to Jesus, for people to convert … No! They pray for the punishment. Because they believe that those who are not connected, who do not follow Monsignor must be punished. Then they pray for the punishment, they pray for the Bagarre.
Why do not you pray for people who are lost? For people who do not know Jesus? In this case, they only want the punishment and that Monsignor triumphs as soon as possible. This is the mentality of all the members of the Heralds of the Gospel,  even  the ones who have the least experience.To prove this,below you can see the notes with these intentions found in the stuff of  one former member of Second order when she returned home.