And all singing the prayer of the Holy Spirit went into courtship in the churches or chapels of the houses of the Heralds of the Gospel, and after they had all entered, doors and windows were closed.

What happened inside this closed-in environment? It seems hidden, as if no one could know that.

That was how the ceremony began, which is called a chapter.

This ceremony was longed for by all, but everyone was afraid of participating in it.

But why fear?

After everyone was in their places, a prayer was said which said about slavery to Mons. John, to Dr. Plinio and Dona Lucília, a prayer that said that we are worth nothing, that we are nothing without the Founders and that in the world only have sin and ruin, also spoke about detachment to family and the world.

Can this be called prayer?

After that, her heart was beating harder and her legs were shaking. This was the time when the person in charge called someone by name to prostrate before everyone who was there and after the person was already literally thrown on the ground, judgments began, everyone present at this ceremony can stand up and start talking everything they think about this person being exposed. They talked things they had already seen her do wrong or even talked about something that even the person did not know she had done. They talked about what they wanted to humiliate more and more the person who was simply lying on the ground without being able to stand up, let alone defend themselves. It was hours and hours of humiliation. (They were distributed to paper and pen to write if it was a lot so I did not forget to say anything.)

When the person got up he felt like rubbish, a nuisance, he felt bad for days and days and with that he charged more and more to do things more perfectly and also what else he said he needed to change was that he had to give himself more in the hands of the Founders, to love them more and more and of course that they had to detach the things of the world and the family with certainty.

After all, they were still penitent for the person to fulfill, for all the mistakes that were made in this ceremony.

But why all this? Why such humiliation? Why make people feel so bad?

Thinking now, imagine the evil it has done to people who still pass or have passed through It?

Imagine how much, each one who has risen from the ground after so much trial, blamed himself, if charged, questioned by so much pressure?

Imagine if now, in that moment, when you are reading this, your son or daughter, the person you love the most in the world, who would do everything for them, is going through it now?

He is on the floor now hearing from many mouths judgments of what he did and even of what he did not able to stand up to defend or even disagree.

And this does not happen once or twice, it can happen even more, and with the same person.

So, is this what you want for the people you love the most? Are they going to let that happen? even if you know the damage, the harm it can cause to those people who go through it?

Being a person who has gone through this, I know what it is like to have such an experience. I do not wish it on anyone, it’s a horrible feeling to go through all this. This is something that is always marked for today, thinking about it, I feel that horrible sensation, of being nothing, of not being brave at all. So while there is time do not let anyone else go through it, because the consequences remain forever, unfortunately.