Everyone knows of the existence of Sempre Viva (sect inside the TFP ) that pays idolatry to Plínio Correa de Oliveira and his mother, Lucília).
In the matter of the heralds of the gospel, this sect  took another shape  and also adopted Joao Clá, who was Plinio’s main disciple, as a “God on Earth” for his members. But this was always seen as something lived in a dome … There were 30, 40 main people, adults, who lived this idolatry. Even though there are so many souls going to hell, we never cared enough because we were unable to do anything. To these people the conscience has already cauterized itself.
It turns out that has changed. This sect in  Heralds does not occupy only the dome distante from its members, but it is -Mind you! – the essence of the apostolate INTERNALLY so that those who are outside only reach the beauty of the liturgy, churches and castles, good confessions, friendly parents.
Internally everything is different. However,everyone will call you crazy for saying this because everything  leads one to believe that the façade is good and is pure. But the trouble is that internally, they corrupt and manipulate children from the very young age (8 years) entering through the Project ‘future and life’. This project causes the child to begin attending the Heralds and is gradually taught to glorify a trinity (composed of Plinio, Lucilia and João Cla) using the doctrine of the Church, and eventually  begins to live in their houses and study at their School.

Gradually they suffer a loss of identity and personality until they have reached the age of majority and completely abandon their families.
Examples of idolatry are endless. They range from repetitive prayers in the prayers to the secret technique of underlining, that is, while you pray to Mary or to Jesus, in fact, you  mesmo to pray to Lucília, João Clá and Dr Plínio.
 I know, you’re going to think this is an exaggeration.
It turns out that we already have 30 families since 2017 so far, who have managed to get their children back home  with the brainwashing done. There are some mothers with over-18-year daughters who do not want to go home any more or visit their parents once a year, as religious do. We have lots of evidence. Teenagers who managed to leave and reversed the washing process and today can give details of what happened to them.
Some examples:
– Children are afraid of clinging to family and do not conform to strict discipline imposed;
“They’re afraid of going to hell if they go home;
– Children receive a habit from the age of 11 and never question their vocation, because there is no vocational discernment and not even a spiritual director;
“Some children ask a new name for Mons, and he chooses a name of Saint;
– Mail is controlled by the superiors, before the children have access. And usually the conversation with the parents by telephone is instructed by the superior, invading the parents’ privacy with the children;
– From 2016 the holy water was replaced by the “water of Papito” which is actually soapy water that is left over from his clothes washes;
– There are boys who work  with painting, gardening and serving the institution.
– When they reach the age of majority, they turn their backs on their family and consecrate themselves as slaves of João Clá through the “Sacred Slavery”.
– Many when they leave, develop psychological disorders, with cases of suicide attempt and self-mutilation;
– The children train for Bagarre (time of punishment for the Heralds) sleeping with clothes, using a penknife, and survival games to prepare themselves to kill the Heralds enemies;
– There are children and young people with outbreaks of possession being exorcised even among themselves;
– Relics of hair, nail, skin, clothes of John Cla are fought for among children;
– Images of Lívia, a member who died in 2016, are distributed and even a piece of her boot is considered a relic;
– Lucilia’s tomb petal is used as a healing tea;
– Young people and priests act like mystics and receive “messages from the sky” of the angels, of Lucilia and Plínio;
– The family is seen as something that disrupts the vocation and that is bad for the soul. As a consequence, the children refer to the family as FMR (Family my revolution). The mother is internally called F “efe” and father is “efo”;
– The young herald does everything (intentions, actions and operations) to the greater glory of Joao Cla, Plinio and Lucilia (his mother);
– Young people are manipulated to “love God through the Founder”, or to love Monsegneour  is to love God. Therefore, love for João must be  above all things.
– The members who até over 18 hardly  ever visit the family and never stay to sleep, because they can get  contageous “with the things of the world”.