In May 2017, a series of videos were leaked and posted on a social media platform, letting a good part of what goes on in the inner environment of the Harolds of the Gospel.

The person who boldly set out to showcase the backstage of this institution through these videos on YouTube was invited to testify in the United States accused of letting go of information from inside the institution and unfortunately was forced to remove all the  videos from YouTube. It is important to point out that thanks to these videos, some  mothers could  fortunately see the truth and were able to rescue their  children. However, because of the withdrawal of these videos, the truth no longer reaches the public and children continue to be attracted to this institution.

Below, are some links of the journalistic sources on this subject to confirm the facts of May 2017.

In view of this, and considering that the Harolds of the gospel , so far, has the recognition of the Catholic Church. The Holy See has chosen Cardinal Dom João Braz de Aviz, the current prefect of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, to investigate them. Hundreds of reports by former members, parents of former members and also parents of current members (who are still struggling to take their children away) have already been sent to Cardinal Dom João Braz de Aviz.

While the Vatican does not conclude the investigations, we have a duty to express ourselves on these facts, so that other  parents  may be aware of the truth and choose to allow or not their child to live with them.

The vídeos opened the door to the  discovery of what  actually happened inside the premises of this institution. As a result,  the parents who were lucky to see them, had no doubt  to rescue their children and were astonished to discover that what was  in the vídeo was  only the tip of the iceberg. Many mothers in prayers who had been suspecting of strange and wrong things were now sure that God had sent them a message throgh these videos. With their children back at home, the truth started to be unveiled as they began to share with paresnts what they actually learned.The great shock and disappointment was the confirmation of parental alienation aligned with distortion of the catholic doctrine to support  the belief that the family is the enemy ot the children salvation.On top of that, was the systematic teaching of the fear of leaving the premises of the harolds of the gospel and going to hell. The teaching that the whole world is doomed and  the  constant brainwashing  that there is no salvation if you dont follow Joao Cla Dias.

Parents have no idea of this because there is a lot of information that is only shared  internally and children learn to hide from their parents and when they turn 18, they turn their back to their family.


The approach takes place in public and private schools in Brazil and their targets are children from 9 years of age. It occurs in a discreet way as shown in the video extracted from material published by APEOESP, in which these visits are questioned.

That’s where it all begins:

Members of the Harolds of the gospel invite the child to visit their houses offering courses in music or martial arts.

Feeling secure, parents  trust them because they understand it to be an institution with the approval of the Catholic Church and get convinced by the beautiful  speech of  members  and  end up allowing this approach and accepting the invitation. The child starts attending the homes on the weekend and soon gets a scholarship to study at their school . They finally convince the child  they have vocation and parents  start believing  them. As a result parents agree that it is better to develop their “vocation  if they live in their houses.

However, their dream is to live in their houses in São Paulo, Serra da Cantareira, where  the founder Joao Cla lives. These venues in São Paulo, called one of Thabor (of the boys) and another one of Monte Carmelo (of the girls), are two of the houses of the Harolds of the Gospel, which look like castles, which obviously appeal to children.

Once the founder affirms, just by looking at photo,  that the child has a vocation, he /she begins his/her “initiation” until he/she is imposed more na more dedication and renunciation, and  the separation of parents and Family naturally intensifies.

The apparent  beauty and the way they display the catholic doctrine externally, do not show the main  internal goal put into practice there.Parents are unaware of this and only nkow if the child is rescued and goes back home.

ATTENTION! We are not dealing with isolated cases! EVERY CHILD GOES THROUGH THE SAME PROCESS!

Since the beginning of the VATICAN  investigations,hundreds of  reports were sent to the bishops in charge and show very similar stories . Children are now free and fearless to tell the truth.They can now say that mischievous strategies  are used to create obstacles for them to get in touch with their parents, siblings and other relatives, ranging from the difficulty of talking on the telephone, interference in correspondence, denial of trip with the family, last minute appointments, anyway. They are always very busy to talk with their parents. More than that, the home visits start decreasing  on purpose and the distance naturally grows until they achieve their target. The child reaches the age of majority and the parents lose any influence over him/her forever.

It should be pointed out that it is not a question here of young people who, in a certain moment of their lives, in a mature and conscious way, choose to serve the church, like a religious person is expected  to do .Here, we are talking about  9 year olds who, are convinced that in this place,  they may live safely far from the world and even from their parents to attain salvation. The problem is that parents only realize this reality over time and sometimes it is too late to deconstruct what has been planted neurologically in their minds. When they become adults, they can no longer do anything and it is almost impossible for them to have their child  back home again.

Almost all the children who join the Harolds of THE GOSPEL, strangely enough,  automatically have religious “vocation”. There is no spiritual guidance to test the vocation of these children. And if they decide on their own that they have no vocation,which hardly ever happens, they are frowned upon and considered treacherous of their founder and without salvation because they have returned to the world. The children who are there begin to think that anyone who does not welcome the charisma of the Harolds of the Gospel  becomes an enemy who pursues  the institution. This applies to parents who begin to see reality and disagree with things done in there. They are seen as enemies by their own children.

While we do not have the conclusion of the investigation promoted by the Vatican, there is a group of people who finally resorted to court and ministery of Education to brake and correct this deplorable reality involving innocent children and parents.

The truth has been discovered.There is no way back. If you, parent knows it and still trust them, you cannot say that you have been deceived.